Listen to the Alexander Grimwood talk about how data influences his work and research: 

Listen to Priya Patel talk about how data influences her work and research:

Alex Grimwood

Alex is a researcher investigating ways to improve radiotherapy for patients through the use of artificial intelligence and state-of-the-art imaging. He has spent the past 5 years exploring how ultrasound scans can be used to guide prostate radiotherapy with greater precision so that patients need shorter treatments and experience fewer side-effects. Using data collected from volunteer patients, he has designed software that makes ultrasound scanning easier for radiotherapy staff, leading to more precise image guidance.

Priya Patel

Priya is a senior clinical oncology trainee having completed over 8 years working as a doctor in oncology. For the last 3 years Priya has been working at the Royal Marsden Hospital working in prostate and lung cancer research. She has been involved in developing new treatment methods for metastatic cancer patients using advanced radiotherapy techniques such as stereotactic radiotherapy in combination with oral tablet therapies to improve treatment options for patients.